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Mgr. Marek Bogdanovski

Marek Bogdanovski graduated from the Faculty of Law at Masaryk University in 2019, where he successfully passed the final state examination and defended the thesis “The Principle of Primacy of EU Law and its Relation to National Constitutional Orders”. During his studies he worked as a paralegal in a law office in Znojmo while also translating various legal documents from and to the German language. He also gained further experience at the District Public Prosecutor’s office in Znojmo.

Since September 2019, Marek has been a member of the Czech Bar Association and he has been working for DRV Legal as a junior lawyer.

Marek speaks German, English and Macedonian. He has a passive knowledge of Serbo-Croatian.


Mgr. Marek Bogdanovski
Hlinky 505/118, 603 00 Brno-střed-Pisárky, Česko

tel.:+420 543 216 742
fax.:+420 543 216 747
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