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Business Law

We offer our clients comprehensive services in the area of commercial legal advisory services. Following the analysis of their business activities, we subsequently suggest and effectuate suitable solutions. In the area of commercial law, we predominantly offer:

  • formation and registration of companies, particularly joint stock companies and limited liability companies;
  • comprehensive services in the area of company law;
  • corporate law;
  • representing shareholders in any company matters, organization of general meetings, preparation of shareholders' resolutions, general meeting resolutions, liaison with the notary public, etc.;
  • modifications to the companies' internal matters;
  • increase and decrease of the registered capital;
  • performing majority and minority shareholders' rights;
  • representing at any governmental authorities, courts, arbitration courts or centres;
  • representing in any company registry matters (registration, changes and amendments in the company register);
  • contract law - preparation, negotiation and performance of all kinds of commercial contracts.

All these services are rendered in the form of "full service", i.e. from the beginning until the end, including negotiations or matters related to the notary public, the Company Register, banks, etc.

Mergers and Acquisitions

With regards to mergers, our office is experienced in all forms of company transformation. Most commonly, we come across merging or joining companies, or transfers of assets to the majority shareholder. Our comprehensive services in this area mainly cover:

  • legal assessment of the intended transformation and associated risks with respect to the specific situation of the transformed companies, recommendation of the most suitable form, coordination of such recommendation particularly with tax consultants;
  • preparation of detailed procedures with clear determination of the contents and sequences of individual activities of all participating persons;
  • preparation and performance of individual steps (preparation of contracts, preparation and management of general meetings, publication of relevant announcements, related company register proceedings) and their coordination with the bodies of the participating companies, experts, accountants and tax advisors;
  • performance of companies' legal audit (Due Diligence) including the final report - Due Diligence Legal Report, preparation of all contracts required for the transformation of companies, or acquisition of a company or its part;
  • ensuring any communication during any Company Register proceedings;
  • negotiating with the opposite numbers regarding all contractual documentation,
  • elaboration of documentation for securing the acquisition's financing;
  • liaison with all financial institutions;
  • effectuation of the transfer of shares or business shares;
  • suggestion of the nature of the target company, and its effectuation including the subsequent registration in the Company Register;
  • securing all announcements required by the legislation for the effectuation of M&A (in particular, any announcements for the Czech National Bank);
  • preparation of the voluntary or obligatory takeover offers;
  • any proceedings at the Competition Office.

Insolvency & Restructuring

Our DRV Legal team is well experienced in comprehensive legal advisory services connected with all stages of insolvency proceedings with a focus on representation of creditors. In the area of insolvency proceedings we predominately offer to our clients:

  • representing in creditor's comitees, meetings of creditors, in various form of entries, judical remedies and other fillings;
  • legal advisory during acquisition of assets from insolvency (bankruptcy, reorganization),
  • legal advisory to insolvency trustees,
  • advising on reorganization and corporate restructuring;
  • assisting in claims enforcing.


Real Estate

We provide all legal services for our clients in the area of property related legal matters, such as transfers, acquisition, rent, all that for individual or corporate investors, as well as property owners.

Property Transfers

  • advisory services in the area of property management, property acquisition financing, due diligence to assess the risk s related to the property transfer;
  • preparation of the transfer contracts, representation in negotiating the terms thereof;
  • preparation of investment, purchase, option and pre-emptive right agreements and donation contracts;
  • advisory services in the area of liens and pre-emptive rights, drafting any relevant contracts;
  • drafting applications for any relevant entry or registration proceedings maintained or initiated by the Land Registry.

Property Management

  • negotiations between the owners and co-owners of properties;
  • protection of the rights of majority and minority property owners.

Cadastral Law

  • registration and deletion of buildings under construction, buildings, plots of land, liens, pre-emptive rights, apartments, etc.;
  • all legal aspects pending to the ownership of commercial or residential premises.

Property Rental

  • preparation of lease and sub-lease contracts including any related matters (for example, facility management);
  • advisory services in the area of commercial lease, proposals for arranging relationships between the owner and the tenants.

Building Law

  • preparation of, and drafting works and building contracts;
  • drafting contracts with architects, investors, land owners, etc.;
  • regulating relations between the supplier and sub-suppliers;
  • performance of investment projects;
  • representation in the area of dispute settlement based on faulty works, breach of obligations, etc.;
  • representation during commissioning of planning documentation, initiation of changes thereto or its commissioning;
  • comprehensive advisory services in the field of planning and building permission proceedings.

Labour Law

Employment law is one of the most prominent segments of our legal services mostly consisting of advisory services, problem analysis and suggested solutions for specific employment matters including drafting the relevant documentation and representation in individual proceedings. In the segment of employment law we therefore, amongst others, offer:

  • due diligence analyses focused on employment relationships;
  • risk assessment including suggested solutions;
  • drafting all employment law related documents such as management contracts, contracts on performing a position, employment contracts, agreements on work activity and work accomplishment, internal regulations, directives, liability agreements, and other documentation;
  • comprehensive advisory services regarding employment termination, drafting notices, etc. Problems related to terminating managers' and managing employees' employment;
  • informing of current changes to legislation and the relevant adjustments to the above mentioned documentation;
  • suggestions and drafting competition clauses;
  • employment matters incurred in connection with company restructuring, changes to the place of work, mass redundancies, etc.;
  • the issue of employing foreigners;
  • the issue of business trips including sending employees for work abroad;
  • representation in litigation proceedings related to employment relationships;
  • collective agreements and collective bargaining.

Intellectual Property

The area of intellectual property law is one of the domains of our services where our specialization does not end with the rights to the results of industrial intellectual activities, i.e. to the so called industrial rights such as industrial designs, patents and inventions or trademarks, but it also covers the entire care for intellectual property rights, i.e. the entire area of copyrights, trademarks, individual rights, company rights, know-how, advertising rights and the right to protection against unfair competition.


  • preparation of all contracts or other documentation, e.g. works contracts with "author-like elements";
  • specialization in licence and sub-licence agreements, including software areas;
  • research into the impact of copyrights to a specific contractual relationship or conduct;
  • representation in legal disputes related to copyrights.

Unfair Competition and Advertising Law

  • assessment of all legal aspects of the intended competition conduct and advertising;
  • expert opinion in the area of unfair competition and advertisement;
  • representation in disputes arisen from unfair competition and advertising;

Trademarks, Patents, Industrial Designs

  • assessment and implementation of means of industrial rights' protection;
  • representation in proceedings regarding the registration of the results of industrial intellectual activities - registration of trademarks, inventions and industrial designs;
  • legal assessment of industrial rights' conflicts;
  • representation in disputes regarding trademarks, industrial designs and inventions.

Personal Rights

  • personal protection rights, legal limitations and the so called state licence;
  • implementation of means of personal rights' protection;
  • implementation of means for protecting the name and good reputation of an entity.

Information Technologies and Internet Shops

These days, primarily the information technologies dominate in the area of intellectual property. Our services also reflect these facts, and therefore in this area we offer:

Information Technologies

  • preparation, drafting and negotiating software related contracts;
  • comprehensive advisory services in the area of software law;
  • preparation, drafting and negotiating know-how provision contracts;
  • registration of patents, trademarks;
  • implementation of the effects of copyrights on individual software transactions;
  • comprehensive advisory services in the area of software products' protection;
  • preparation, negotiating and drafting contracts on provision of technologies, databases, data, licences, etc.;
  • advisory services in the area of internet domains.

Internet Shops

  • comprehensive advisory services on the conditions for business;
  • preparation and drafting supplier contracts, shopping and customer claims terms&conditions;
  • advisory services in the field of legal relations forming between the purchaser and the seller in the case of sale via an internet shop;
  • advisory services in the area of internet domains;
  • registration of trademarks for domain names;
  • preparation, negotiating and drafting contracts on the provision of technologies, databases, data and license agreements, etc.

Sports Law

Our legal services also focus on the area of sports where we offer the following:

  • comprehensive legal advisory services connected with the activities of sportsmen, athletes and sports clubs;
  • representation of sports clubs or unions, as well as individual sportsmen;
  • representation of sports clubs in associations and corporate matters;
  • representation, negotiations and drafting all sports connected contracts;
  • preparation, negotiation and drafting marketing, advertising and sponsorship agreements.

Litigation and Arbitration Proceedings

Dealing with court disputes is the basic activity of any law firm, and this is no different in our case. One of the principles of our activities, in this segment of legal services, is to preferably avoid any court or arbitration disputes.

Our broad expertise comes from the areas of mediation and settlement, as well as from the field of leading arbitration or litigation proceedings

Each dispute is lead with maximum respect to the clients' interests and their needs. We strive to lead disputes swiftly with the objective of reaching the most suitable solution for the client.

German Law

We offer our clients complex legal services in Czech language in German law, for example in

  • M&A matters concerning acquisitions of German companies: Letter of intent, due diligence, ownership interest purchase agreements, asset deals, shareholder agreements, corporate changes etc.
  • Matters regarding contractual documents under German law
  • German insolvency law (questions incidental to the insolvency of a contractor)
  • German labour law
  • Litigation/arbitration in disputes under German law
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