We are a law firm based in Brno, with an office in Prague, providing professional services in Central Europe

In addition to the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we also operate in Germany, as our team includes German attorneys who live in the Czech Republic and are also fluent in Czech, which enables us to provide legal services related to German law.

We are a founding member of Visegrad+ Legal, an international alliance of law firms operating in the Central and Eastern European region, with offices in Prague, Brno, Bratislava, Katowice, Budapest, Bucharest, Sofia, Zagreb, Moscow and Voronezh. We work regularly with consultants in virtually all of Europe, the USA and China.


We are the largest law firm based in Brno, a major advisor to local and foreign clients for the provision of legal services in the Czech Republic, Germany and Slovakia. We specialize primarily in M&A, corporate law, real estate law, transactional law, insolvency and restructuring, financing, private equity and investment fund structuring, and litigation. Our clients include leading Czech investment funds, foreign investors, banks, insolvency administrators, developers and manufacturers.

The way the firm operates allows for a fast-paced delivery of legal services with a flexibility that is often lacking in large, multinational law firms. We approach our clients' problems on an individual basis and in such a way that unnecessary administrative tangles do not stand in the way of the desired service and they are not deprived of their precious time and finances.

We have experienced and qualified consultants who work in sector-focused teams. We assemble a team of dedicated professionals for each project so that the client receives a service tailored to their needs.


Dušan Dvořák
Tomáš Rada
David Vaníček


New DRV Legal member

 Feb. 10, 2023

DRV Legal has welcomed Milan Hrkalík into its Brno based team. Milan is a Law graduate of Masaryk’s University and after graduation he worked as …


 Feb. 9, 2023

DRV Legal M&A team led by partner Tomáš Antal in cooperation with associate Václav Koubík advised 2JCP Třebíč a.s. on the sale of a 100% …


Tax deductibility of interest on acquisition loan

 Jan. 30, 2023

As part of our new newsletter, we have prepared an update on a relatively recent ruling regarding the tax deductibility of interest on an acquisition loan in the event of a subsequent merger following the acquisition of Target. This is the first time this issue has been addressed by courts and the tax authorities are arguing with the abuse of the law. A rational decision has been made here, so far in the first instance. We are going to closely monitor the further development of the case.

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Significant case law issued in the past year in relation to statutory bodies and the interpretation of legal acts

 Jan. 18, 2023

Our new newsletter, in which you will find a summary of three decisions constituting interesting and, above all, groundbreaking case law, namely in relation to the issue of conflict of interest (not only in commercial companies), the issue of exclusion of a member of a statutory body due to breach of duties in the performance of his/her function and, finally, in relation to the issue of the long-discussed negotiation of fictions or presumptions in contracts (e.g. in the context of regulation of the acceptance of work under a work contract), which the courts have so far perceived almost exclusively negatively.

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New insolvency case law

 Dec. 12, 2022

Our new newsletter presenting the latest developments in insolvency case law

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